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From street cars to showrooms to professionals.

„Cars are some of the most intoxicating and beautiful things ever created by mankind“ – Jeremy Clarkson

There is a lot of advice and instructions on how to photograph cars. You try to make sure that the wheels are turned in the right direction, that the paint is the right color and that it is not overexposed. It is important to take the best picture even in a fraction of a second! This can also be the case with car photography in the advertising and product world of photography.

My first official photography of car brands started at the 88th International Motor Show in Geneva. Where I started presenting myself on a more global scale, as a professional photographer. I tried to adapt my first concept of photo processing to the current development of marketing of motor vehicle dealers. At a time when concepts and studies have shown that automakers see their building block in futuristic design and an electric future.

Are you looking for a good photographer who won’t let you down and can shoot quality production studio photos?! Let’s arrange a personal meeting together and try to realize something in common in advertising and product photography.

Who I am and how I got into photography

I inherited my love of photography from my father and grandfather. My grandfather, a doctor by profession, was an avid photographer. I spent a lot of time with my dad in the cinema cafe next to the projector and went with him to the evening screenings. So my childhood had a big influence on my future decision making.

I started to pursue a career as a professional photographer after studying at a photography school, where I gained basic knowledge that I still draw from today (e.g. when taking photos, I work with the wavelength of light and do not rely only on graphic software). As I sometimes say simply: "with one backpack and a camera, the occasional photo shoot for acquaintances, friends and family became an independent business".

You can look forward to photos full of emotions, immersed in an elegant coat in the form of a black-and-white or color image.

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Photography is primarily a joy for me, which I pass on to you through my photos. So if you are looking for quality photography, you are on the right homepage.

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