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Product photography sells - if you know how to take photos and can take quality product photos. I have experience with both interior and exterior product photography. I mostly work in my own environment (studio), but in the case of larger PPC campaigns, projects and specific requirements, we can also agree on another variant.

Whether I photograph luxury cars, perfumes or jewelry for beautiful ladies, or mediate architecture and interior photography, the comprehensive provision of your photographic presentation for advertising, catalogs, presentations and e-marketing is absolutely key.

Preparing a product for sale, or advertising and product photography, doesn't have to be a daunting task.

Despite the boom in 3D visualization, 3D car models, high-polygon product models, classic photography for advertising still has its irreplaceable place. From the first creation of a creative design to the photo shoot itself, including post-production, styling, visage. The main purpose of these photos is to promote a product and service, where marketing is not a one-time event, but a process.

And maybe that's why advertising photography has become an artistic genre and is to some extent one of the most demanding styles, where the a advertising photographer has to master his craft and at the same time be very creative in his field.

Stock Photo - price list

SERVICES Products Catalog photography Interiors and architecture
Period of time x x 8 - 10 photos
Price from 3.400,- Kč from 4.500,- Kč 6.000,- Kč

Who I am and how I got into photography

I inherited my love of photography from my father and grandfather. My grandfather, a doctor by profession, was an avid photographer. I spent a lot of time with my dad in the cinema cafe next to the projector and went with him to the evening screenings. So my childhood had a big influence on my future decision making.

I started to pursue a career as a professional photographer after studying at a photography school, where I gained basic knowledge that I still draw from today (e.g. when taking photos, I work with the wavelength of light and do not rely only on graphic software). As I sometimes say simply: "with one backpack and a camera, the occasional photo shoot for acquaintances, friends and family became an independent business".

Don't have time for complicated negotiations with a photographer? Contact me directly and we will arrange everything according to your needs. I provide comprehensive photography services with many years of experience in the field.

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Photography is primarily a joy for me, which I pass on to you through my photos. So if you are looking for quality photography, you are on the right homepage.

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