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Modelling is not only about walking down the catwalk and posing for photographers, but it also includes filming advertising spots, fashion or cosmetics photography for various fashion magazines. It is a very varied job that requires good posing, graceful walking and elegant movement.

If you are among the newbies, many experienced models and professional photographers will advise you to try taking photos with the most used form of TFP. My recommendation is that it should be seen that you have an interesting face, you are unconventional and you are not afraid to tell a story with your expressions and body language. At every photo shoot, you should think about the fact that these are the kind of photos that sell you or me as a professional photographer of models.

What is TFP photography?

In this way, the photographer and the model train their photography skills and enrich each other’s photography portfolio. The rule is that no money is charged by any party. Figuratively, TFP is thus free. Sometimes, however, there may be costs associated with photography, for example renting a studio, make-up artist, stylist, fashion designer, etc. If we realize something like this together, they are usually paid for by me, as the photographer.

Photos like for world models or celebrities!

The point of a photo shoot is not to fill model photobook with as many photos as possible. Each photo should tell its own story about you, which can increase your chances of succeeding in modeling. Are you looking for a professional photographer for your portfolio?! Are you a beginner or an experienced model?! My strengths are many years of photographic experience, a modern and creative spirit and responsiveness to the requirements for creating an above-standard modeling presentation.

Who I am and how I got into photography

I inherited my love of photography from my father and grandfather. My grandfather, a doctor by profession, was an avid photographer. I spent a lot of time with my dad in the cinema cafe next to the projector and went with him to the evening screenings. So my childhood had a big influence on my future decision making.

I started to pursue a career as a professional photographer after studying at a photography school, where I gained basic knowledge that I still draw from today (e.g. when taking photos, I work with the wavelength of light and do not rely only on graphic software). As I sometimes say simply: "with one backpack and a camera, the occasional photo shoot for acquaintances, friends and family became an independent business".

You can look forward to photos full of emotions, immersed in an elegant coat in the form of a black-and-white or color image.

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Photography is primarily a joy for me, which I pass on to you through my photos. So if you are looking for quality photography, you are on the right homepage.

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